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Authorsort descending Title Year
Joel Freedman (PB); John Gliebe (RSG) Activity-Based Modeling Frameworks and Techniques Session 4 2012
Joel Freedman (PB); John Gliebe (RSG) Activity-Based Modeling Tour Mode-Intermediate Stop Location-Trip Mode Session 10 2012
Kermit Wies (CMAP); Monique Urban (Cambridge Systematics); Maren Outwater (RSG) Tour-Based & Supply Chain Freight Modeling in Chicago 2012
Sandra Rodriguez (PTV NuStats); Joan Walker (UC Berkeley); Jerry Jariyasunant (UC Berkeley); Cy Smith (AirSage) Webinar on SmartPhones and Travel Behavior 2012
Elizabeth Sall (SFCTA) SFCTA's Experience Using its SF-CHAMP Activity-Based Model 2012
Erik Sabina (DRCOG); Thomas Rossi (Cambridge Systematics) DRCOG's Experience Using its FOCUS Activity-Based Model 2012
Joel Freedman (PB); John Gliebe (RSG) Activity-Based Modeling Network Integration Session 11 2012
Joel Freedman (PB); Kostas Goulias (UC Santa Barbara) Activity-Based Modeling Accessibility and Treatment of Space Session 6 2012
John Gliebe (RSG); Peter Vovsha (PB) Activity-Based Modeling Population Synthesis and Household Evolution Session 5 2012
John Gliebe (RSG); Peter Vovsha (PB) Activity-Based Modeling Forecasting and Application Session 12 2012
John Gliebe(RSG); Rosella Picado (PB) Activity-Based Modeling Management - Institutional Session 2 2012
Maren Outwater (RSG); Joel Freedman (PB) Activity-Based Modeling Management - Technical Session 3 2012
Maren Outwater (RSG); Peter Vovsha (PB) Activity-Based Modeling Long-Term Location and Mobility Models Session 7 2012
Peter Vovsha (PB); Maren Outwater (RSG) Activity-Based Modeling Scheduling and Time of Day Choice Session 9 2012
Peter Vovsha (PB;) John Gliebe (RSG) Activity-Based Modeling Activity Pattern Generation Session 8 2012