Activity-Based Modeling Forecasting and Application Session 12

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The twelfth activity-based webinar session entitled Forecasting and Application is the ninth in a series of technically-oriented webinars which will cover fundamental aspects of activity-based modeling systems. Activity-based modeling systems are capable of producing a vast amount of information on the travel patterns of individuals. At the same time, their internal complexity requires a more detailed calibration process, considering dimensions of activities and travel not found in trip-based modeling systems, such as daily activity patterns, tours and activity durations. In addition, activity-based models are implemented using simulation methods, which are subject to random variation that must be controlled to produce consistent forecasts. This webinar discusses activity-based modeling performance measures, calibration and validation, controlling for random variation, and visualization of results.

John Gliebe, Resource Systems Group
Peter Vovsha, Parsons Brinckerhoff

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