Activity-Based Modeling Frameworks and Techniques Session 4

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The fourth activity-based webinar session entitled Activity-Based Model Frameworks and Techniques is the first in a series of technically-oriented webinars which will cover fundamental aspects of activity-based modeling systems. Activity-based modeling systems seek to model an entire daily activity pattern for each individual in the population of interest. While the precise methods vary, activity-based models all need to address certain key aspects of activity-travel pattern representation. This webinar will cover the components most commonly used to model various dimensions of activity-travel patterns, and how they interact within the larger modeling system. This session will also cover implementation of model structures through discrete choice model formulations and application through Monte Carlo simulation.

Joel Freedman, Parsons Brinckerhoff
John Gliebe, Resource Systems Group

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Activity-Based Modeling - Frameworks and Techniques Session 4

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Recorded Webinar

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