Activity-Based Modeling Long-Term Location and Mobility Models Session 7

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The seventh activity-based webinar session entitled Long-Term Location and Mobility Models is the fourth in a series of technically-oriented webinars which will cover fundamental aspects of activity-based modeling systems. Some of the decision processes represented in activity-based modeling systems may be characterized as long-term in nature and often implying large commitments, such as workplace and school location choices and household auto ownership. Other choices are less weighty, but important to personal mobility (and transportation policy), such as acquisition of a driver’s license, whether to purchase a transit pass, acquisition of a toll transponder, and participation in a TDM program. This webinar discusses how these decisions are represented in activity-based modeling systems and their impacts on model design.

Maren Outwater, Resource Systems Group
Peter Vovsha, Parsons Brinckerhoff

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Activity Based Modeling - Long-Term Location and Mobility Models Session 7

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