Activity-Based Modeling Scheduling and Time of Day Choice Session 9

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The ninth activity-based webinar session entitled Scheduling and Time of Day Choice is the sixth in a series of technically-oriented webinars which will cover fundamental aspects of activity-based modeling systems. Enhanced temporal resolution is an aspect of activity-based modeling systems that provides clear policy advantages over trip-based modeling systems. At the same time, scheduling algorithms are one of the areas where the greatest variation exists across activity-based modeling platforms, which attempt to take into account decision-maker priorities and time-space constraints within tours and entire days. This webinar covers scheduling algorithms that may be found in extant modeling systems, and explores variations in the representation of time-of-day choices, including discrete, continuous and quasi-continuous formulations.

Peter Vovsha, Parsons Brinckerhoff
Maren Outwater, Resource Systems Group

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Activity Based Modeling - Scheduling and Time of Day Choice Session 9

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