Announcement of Improved TMIP COP Site

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Announcement of Improved TMIP COP Site
Dear TMIP Listserv Subscribers:
We would like to thank you, the TMIP Community, for your patience while the Listserv has been down. The TMIP program is excited to announce an improved TMIP Community of Practice (COP) website and forum that will replace the former TMIP Listserv. You can access the improved COP site at
Your Listserv account has been transferred to the improved COP site. To log into your new account, all you need to do is to click the link above, click “Login/Register”, click “Forgot your password”, and provide your email address. Once you are in your new account, please change your user name (which was machine-generated during the migration) and  your password and save these changes. If you require assistance in getting started with the COP site, please send us an email from the “Contact” page.
The improved COP site organizes community discussions on various topics into forums. Forums are organized into categories on the site. When registering your account, users will select “Groups” to subscribe to. Users will then receive notifications when a message is posted by a member in the same group. 
Please note that the current structure of the forums, forum categories, and group names is still under development. What you see in this initial release of the COP are examples and may be changed in the final release. We encourage you to use this initial release to start your discussions, as the topics and comments created in this initial release will be migrated to the new structure at the time of the final release.
Your suggestions will be critical to the improvement of the COP site and will be very much appreciated. You can submit your suggestions by participating in topic discussions in the "Improving TMIP COP site" forum under the "General" category. Please submit your suggestions for improvement by February 6, 2017, to be incorporated in the next release on February 15, 2017.
For more information on registering for and using the COP website, please see the User Manual at:
Thank you for your continued insight and contributions!


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