Building and Calibrating Activity-Based Models: Stories from the Trenches

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The webinar will cover the Denver Regional Council of Governments’ (DRCOG) process of developing its activity-based model “from soup to nuts”, beginning with the initial planning stage. We’ll air the dirtiest laundry we feel we can get away with (pretty darn dirty!), with the aim of giving webinar attendees a sense of where the trouble spots were for us, and how others might avoid them! Topics will include:

Project funding.
Achieving buy-off with stakeholders as the project got underway.
The rather arduous process of assembling model estimation data.
Successes and failures in assembling a geographically distributed team.
In-house team stresses and struggles over a five year project timeline.
Things we said we were going to do, should have done, but didn’t do anyway!
Discussion of the work we did in house, and the costs and benefits of doing things that way.
Our favorite project mistakes (so you don’t have to repeat them!)
A close look at some results.
Some advice on calibration.
And much, much more.

You may not be thinking of designing either your project process or model the way we did, but this webinar should help you think through the realities of each step in the process, however you plan to do it.

Erik Sabina, P.E. is DRCOG’s Regional Modeling Manager, and has 27 years experience in travel demand forecasting and computer-based modeling and simulation. He holds a BS in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Colorado, and an MS in Transportation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Suzanne Childress is a Senior Modeler at DRCOG, and has eight years experience in travel demand forecasting, both as a consultant and in the public sector. She holds a BS in Mathematics from Carleton College, and an MS in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University.

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Building and Calibrating Activity-Based Models - Stories from the Trenches

Intended Audience
This webinar is intended for anyone who is interested in a close-up view of the process of building an activity-based travel model, including those who already have such a model and would like to see what another agency’s models look like in detail, those who don’t have such a model but are thinking of trying to get one, or those who aren’t planning to “take the plunge” anytime soon, but would like to keep track of developments in the field.

Continuing Education
This webinar is the equivalent of two (2) professional development hours (PDHs). TMIP does not issue certificates of attendance. If you attend the webinar, please save the information on this page for your files.

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Recorded Webinar