call for transportation-land use papers due 15 Dece 2023 for WSLTUR conference in July 2024 in Bogatá

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call for transportation-land use papers due 15 Dece 2023 for WSLTUR conference in July 2024 in Bogatá

This July 2024 conference (a world symposium, held every 3 yr) on transportation and land use may be of interest to you or others you know!
Thanks so much for forwarding this Call for Papers along (due date 15 December 2023):
+ (with presentations in Bogatá, Columbia) & publication opportunities in the Journal of Transp & Land Use [JTLU]).


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Dear WSTLUR members and friends,

Just want to remind all of us that the deadline for our next WSTLUR Symposium is a little more than a month away (December 15th, 2023).
We are looking forward to receive as many submissions as possible.
Please check the Symposium website for more information about the themes and manuscript submission.
Best regards,
João, Jonas, Dea and Sylvia
Department of Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environment
CERis-Civil Engineering, Research and Innovation for Sustainability
Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa

2024 World Symposium on Transport and Land Use Research
In 2024, the WSTLUR (World Society Transport and Land Use Research) will hold its fifth triennial symposium in Bogotá Colombia, from June 17-20, 2024. This symposium promotes the understanding and analysis of different research focused on the study of transport and land use, through the generation of interdisciplinary spaces open to debate.

For this symposium, the Universidad de Los Andes will host this symposium, which is one of the best universities in Colombia and Latin America. The Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Architecture and Design and the Grupo SUR of this University will facilitate the spaces for participation and will contribute to the construction of an open environment of debate for the research community in transportation and land use that this symposium attracts.

The WSTLUR 2024 International Conference aims to bring together scholars and policy makers in transportation and land use research to share insights and ideas on how innovation and technology, are transforming urban landscapes and transportation systems in our post pandemic world. What strategies can be employed to navigate these changes? With traditional and emerging transport services operating worldwide, the 2024 Conference will also highlight the transport and land use systems in the Global South, ranging from BRT systems operating in Latin America to various forms of formal and informal mobility services co-existing in Asia and Africa.

For this symposium, there will be a wide range of topics related to the disciplines of transport and land use research.

#WSTLUR2024 Topics
1. Accessibility analysis in practice: Bridging the gap
2. Equity and Inclusion, spatial justice, vulnerable populations
3. Public transport (networks), BRT, integration of public transport with cycling and land use, public transport ridership/satisfaction
4. Active travel and micromobility
5. Electric and Automatic Vehicles and alternative fuels, AVs, New technologies, shared electric mobility, Smart Cities
6. Interaction of Land Use and Transport: Spatial analyses and models
7. Travel behaviour and psychology, travel experiences and perceived accessibility
8. Emerging transportation and land use issues in Latin America and the Global South
9. Post-Covid, ICT, land use, telework
10. Freight, city logistics and e-commerce
11. Housing, Land Use and Travel
12. Other issues in transport and land use