Change in non-commute travel due to Work at Home?

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Change in non-commute travel due to Work at Home?

We are doing some quick sketch analysis on the potential impacts of increases in work at home, telecommuting, on future trip making and travel patterns.  I can find a number of references on the potential long term shifts in telecommuting both pre and post covid and the impact on home to work trips.  What I can't seem to find is any summaries of what happens to the home based other and non home based trips and activities when people start working from home instead of going to the office.  I'm looking for simple % changes in rates or something similar.  Does anyone know of a good reference that provides this type of information? 

I know I've seen general descriptions of increases in midday and home based other trip making when people are working at home.  I just can't find any specifics. 


Jim Bunch