cost-free Bridging Transp Researchers Conference #5 Call for Papers is out!

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cost-free Bridging Transp Researchers Conference #5 Call for Papers is out!

Dear Friends:

We would love to see your submissions for this year's carbon-free, cost-free BTR#5 conference! Once again, we have ARRB & UT Austin lead sponsorship, TRB & others' co-sponsorship, and amazing headliners (Pat Mokhtarian in the US, Kay Axhausen in Switzerland, Maya Abou Zeid in Lebanon, & Graham Currie in Australia).

Conference Dates: August 9-10, 2023
Paper Submission deadline: April 30, 2023

At zero cost, and practically zero carbon, BTR brings transportation engineers, planners, & policymakers together globally by removing the burden of travel, the cost of registration, & greenhouse gases associated with transport & accommodations. We welcome researchers and practitioners from diverse disciplines, particularly individuals who are unable to obtain a visa or afford traveling to and participating in international conferences.

Please join us online August 9 & 10 2023, for two days of multi-track Zoom-based meetings. Zoom links & session details (with 20- to 30-minute presentation slots) will be sent to all registrants, after papers are submitted & reviewed and final topics are scheduled. Presentation time-zone preferences will be obtained from authors prior to scheduling.

All manuscripts should be written in English (& <10,000 words, including references) and submitted (w/o author names showing) via EasyChair. BTR does not have proceedings, and submitting your work to BTR does not prevent you from submitting it to journals. You can also submit your recent published work for presentation at BTR.

Papers can be in any transportation-related area including, but not limited to:

* Public transportation
* Emerging mobility services (shared, electrified)
* Intelligent transportation systems
* Connected and automated vehicle control
* Travel demand modeling
* Freight transportation
* Transportation safety
* Infrastructure management
* Design, construction, & pavement engineering
* What else?

Thanks so much for your support. Please do us a favor of forwarding this on, especially to those in under-represented corners of the world (e.g., anyone you know in Africa, South & Central America, Middle East, & beyond).

Kara & Co-organizers
Dr. Kara Kockelman, PhD, PE
Dewitt Greer Centennial Professor in Transportation Engineering
Department of Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin
301 E. Dean Keeton St., Stop C1761, Office: 6.9 ECJ
Austin, TX 78712-1112
512-471-0210 (FAX: 512-475-8744)