Defining a Data Governance Program (October 2, 2014)


Date: October 2, 2014 

Description: During this session we will take time to better understand why a data governance program is beneficial, what is data governance, how can a data governance program help the organization, and who should ultimately be concerned about data governance within the organization.

Many organizations today are beginning to understand the clear benefits of managing their information assets efficiently. With this said, many organizations are also struggling to understand the clear starting place for maturing their Enterprise Information Management function and often start the journey with the wrong questions and little understanding of what road blocks lay ahead. Key focus areas for any endeavor of this magnitude are People, Process, and Technology. We often find organizations investing significant time on the technology portion of this equation and little time on the process and people components. Data Governance is about the people and how we can structure the organization effectively to ensure one of our most important assets, data, is governed effectively.

Presented by Zeke Bishop (Oracle)