Evaluation of Walk and Bicycle Demand Modeling Practice

Recording link: https://connectdot.connectsolutions.com/pep69u53idp8/

The webinar will provide an overview of the recent report written by RSG and RAND for NCHRP and AASHTO, titled “Evaluation of Walk and Bicycle Demand Modeling Practice”. The report is a follow up to NCHRP Report 770 “Estimating Bicycling and Walking for Planning and Project Development: A Guidebook”. The topics covered in the report, and summarized in the webinar include (a) a review of state-of-the art research, (b) results from an on-line survey of DOT and MPO modelers into the current and desired state-of-the-practice, (c) identification of key gaps between standard practice and the newest modeling approaches, (d) specific examples of recommended modeling approaches, and (e) key directions for future research.

Mark Bradley

Mark Bradley has been a consultant in travel demand modeling for 35 years, with over 10 years in Europe and the rest based in California. He has been one of the pioneers in developing methods for activity-based modeling and for modeling demand for various transportation modes, including air, rail, bus, walk and bicycle.  Mark joined RSG in 2012, and is currently a Senior Director based in Santa Barbara, California. He has not yet tried to model the demand for surfing or skateboarding, but he is in the right place to try it.