Forecasting Land Use Activities 1 - The Evolving State of the Practice

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We are very excited to be bringing you a new eight-part webinar series on Forecasting Land Use Activities. This webinar series will be an update to the popular one-day seminar from several years ago. This first webinar will provide a high-level overview of land use forecasting. We will examine how methods for producing forecasts and the questions their users are being asked to respond to have evolved over the past two decades, and what the near term trends are. We will examine why models are increasingly used for this purpose, and how land use and transportation policies are being used to jointly plan for meeting and shaping travel demands over the next several decades. The webinar will provide a foundation for more in-depth treatment of specific approaches and issues to be addressed in subsequent webinars in this series.

Paul Waddell, University of California Berkeley

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Forecasting Land Use Activities 1 - The Evolving State of the Practice

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