Forecasting Land Use Activities 3 - I-PLACES - Scenario Planning and Visioning

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The third land use forecasting webinar will focus on I-PLACE3S, an example of scenario planning tools that has been used in community and regional visioning projects, particularly in California. It emphasizes community engagement through highly interactive and visual use of GIS and parcel-level detail. This platform, and other similar platforms, use the concept of 'place types' to provide an intuitive way for stakeholders to interact in the visioning process, by assigning place types to locations in order to generate alternative scenarios. Indicators provide rapid feedback to participants on the potential impacts of alternative scenarios. We will examine the I-PLACE3S platform in detail, looking at its strengths, assumptions, and limitations for use in land use forecasting. This webinar will be followed by similar in-depth examinations of PECAS and UrbanSim on Thursday, May 12.

Paul Waddell, University of California Berkeley

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Forecasting Land Use Activities 3 - I-PLACES - Scenario Planning and Visioning

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