Forecasting Land Use Activities 4 - PECAS - Spatial Input-Output Frameworks

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We are very excited to be bringing you a new eight-part webinar series on Forecasting Land Use Activities. This webinar series will be an update to the popular one-day seminar from several years ago. The fourth webinar in the series will focus on the class of land use models known as spatial input-output models, and will use the PECAS model platform as a case study. The webinar will examine the origins of this modeling approach in input-output models, and how this framework has been extended to incorporate spatial disaggregation. Following a review of the history and theory behind this model class, we explore in more detail the PECAS platform, which is the most recent platform to emerge from this modeling approach. The webinar will draw on information available from application settings. This is the second of three webinars on specific platforms, and the next webinar will focus on UrbanSim.

Paul Waddell, University of California Berkeley
Mike Reilly, Association of Bay Area Governments

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Forecasting Land Use Activities 4 - PECAS - Spatial Input-Output Frameworks

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