Forecasting Land Use Activities 8 - Creating and Visualizing Land Use Forecasting Scenarios

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We are very excited to be bringing you a new eight-part webinar series on Forecasting Land Use Activities. This webinar series will be an update to the popular one-day seminar from several years ago. The eighth and final webinar in the Land Use Forecasting Webinar series focuses on the creation of the scenarios to be modeled, and on visualizing output from land use forecasting models. The webinar will cover aspects such as how to incorporate local information on land use plans and zoning to provide scenario inputs that constrain development densities and building types, in addition to travel network configurations incorporated through the travel model system. Visualization of model results will also be addressed, using indicators, maps and 3D visualization of urban landscapes. The webinar closes with a synopsis of the state of the practice and prospects for further development and application of land use forecasting methods.

Paul Waddell, University of California Berkeley
Carlos Vanegas, Purdue University

Links to YouTube® Videos
This webinar included a number of video demonstrations. All of them are available for viewing on YouTube:

Slide 16: Visualization of Simulated Urban Spaces
Slide 28: Interactive Geometric Simulation of 4D Cities
Slide 29: Interactive Design of Urban Spaces using Geometrical and Behavioral Modeling
Slide 37: Procedural Modeling Of Buildings
Procedural Generation of Parcels in Urban Modeling
ESRI CityEngine Trailer
Slide 57: UrbanVision: Procedural Buildings
Slide 68: UrbanVision - Visualization
Slide 69: UrbanVision - Street View
Slide 70: UrbanVision - Indicators
Slide 71: UrbanVision - Zoning Editor
Slide 72: UrbanVision - Travel Model

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Forecasting Land Use Activities 8 - Creating and Visualizing Land Use Forecasting Scenarios

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