forecasting of ridehailing/ridesourcing services

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jill hough
forecasting of ridehailing/ridesourcing services

Good afternoon to my colleague travel modelers, I would like to learn from any of your relevant experience with modeling ride-hailing services, and of course lessons learned.

The ridehailing services are a popular and growing mode of transportation here in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am interested in learning about the approaches being used by different modelers to estimate the effects of ride-hailing/ridesourcing on mode shares. Eventually I'd want to be able to translate that effect to parking needs. I am less interested in modeling dynamically the effects of this type of service.

My questions for the group are:
1. Have you been incorporating ridehailing at the mode-choice level, and if so, what is either the structure of the nests or the hierarchy of the modes?
2. have you been incorporating ride-hailing post mode choice, at assignment? If so, what is your cost function?

Thank you in advance for any information you can offer

Thank you!