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Job opening at Oregon DOT...

Come join our team at Oregon DOT! ODOT, a leader in advanced modeling over the past decade, is filling an engineer-track position (see below). Come join our creative Salem team as we build strategic, activity-based, and simulation models, plus supporting tools and real-time data in our continued expanding analysis toolkit . We use our tools to address a wide range of statewide issues and to support local agencies across the state plan for the future (e.g., scenario planning, performance measures, meso-scopic tools, bike/ped connectivity). Check out our Analysis Procedures Manual for a flavor of what you’d be doing on the job. Tara Weidner || ODOT-TPAU || (503)986-4226 Transportation Modeler Analyst (Associate in Engineering 2) ODOT's Transportation Planning Analysis Unit is seeking an entry level transportation modeler/analyst to support multi-modal travel forecasting, transportation system analysis, and facility analysis. The modeler/analyst position assists in the development of city, regional and statewide transportation and land use models. This includes working closely with local agency staff to obtain and organize socio-economic, transportation, and land use data. It requires the use of GIS and data management tools that typically requires automating processes using R or similar languages. This position performs transportation system and facility analysis that includes data collection, data development, traffic analyses, traffic simulation, multimodal analysis, safety analysis, and developing technical reports. The position requires a Fundamentals of Engineering certificate (FE) and 1+ years of experience. The position closes on 2/27/2017. For more information and/or to apply see the AE2 website below: We invite members of all diverse communities to join our workforce as we endeavor to best serve Oregonians from every background. ODOT values diversity and inclusion because they are good for Oregon. We believe that by welcoming differences, encouraging new ideas and views, listening to and learning from each other, and providing opportunities for professional enrichment we are better able to serve those around us. We thank you for considering this employment opportunity. AE2:

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