Job Opening in the Oregon DOT

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Job Opening in the Oregon DOT

On behalf of Brian Dunn (please use the links in the attachment if they do not work)

The Transportation Analyst/Modeler (Associate in Engineering 2) position in the Oregon DOT Transportation Planning Analysis Unit is open for recruitment until June 2nd. 

This position will help evaluate the long-range effects of transportation decisions on travel behavior, transportation system performance, land use and the economy.  The Transportation Analyst/Modeler has a variety of transportation analysis duties, including transportation system and facility analysis, multimodal analysis, and safety analysis using a variety of tools. This position will also assist in developing and applying city, regional and statewide transportation models. 

Please share this information with anyone that may be interested.

Here is a link for internal applicants:$158872/9925$64943.htmld

Here is a link for external applicants:

Brian G. Dunn, P.E.
Transportation Planning Analysis Manager
Oregon Department Of Transportation
Cell (503) 507-8013