Job opportunity - Research Fellow at the European Commission

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Job opportunity - Research Fellow at the European Commission

The Economics of Climate Change, Energy and Transport Unit at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC–Seville) plans to recruit transport modellers to contribute to their work on the economic analysis of the transport sector and the quantitative (model-based) analysis of transport policies at EU level.

Successful candidates are expected to contribute to research projects in the field of transport economics and engineering, with a particular emphasis on quantitative policy analysis, and via the collaboration with other services of the European Commission and relevant external academic partners.

The selection procedure screens potential candidates amongst those registered as indicated in the link below. Amongst those registered a list of suitable candidates to be invited for competency interviews at the JRC will be drawn.

The profile of interest would be someone with strong quantitative and programming skills with previous experience in the fields of transport economics and/or engineering.

The successful candidate’s work will focus on the quantitative assessment of EU-wide transport-related policy impacts. For this purpose the Unit uses a number of tools, some of them built in house and others outsourced and accommodated within our own modelling platform. In relation to this, a complementary line of work to which the candidate is expected to actively contribute is the exploitation of new, more comprehensive, sources of data for modelling to render them useful at a European scale (including regional and urban levels of analysis). Recent examples of this work include the monitoring of congestion costs across Europe via the exploitation of data from mobile devices and the impacts of alternative implementations of transport infrastructure policies on multi-modal accessibility levels of all European urban agglomerations.

Against this background, the job implies the further development and maintenance of the aforementioned modelling tools, contributions to the exploratory research agenda within the Unit and, very importantly, the active involvement in the drafting of reports and dissemination/interpretation of relevant results and estimates to a wide potential audience (from technical experts to those closer to policy decision-making).

The recruitment framework is a Contractual Agents within the Function Group IV and has in principle a duration of 1+2+3 (i.e. 6 years in total with two contract renewals one after completing the first year and another one after completing three years). Renewals are based on performance by the candidate. The maximum anyone can work for the European Commission without being permanent is six years. Details for competitions for permanent positions are available in the links below.

Candidates need to have a proficient command of an EU working language (English/French/German) and at least a B2 level for another EU official language.

Candidates need to have a passport from either an EU Member State or an EU (research) associated country. The latter includes Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Faeroe Islands, Iceland, Israel, Liechtenstein, Montenegro, Norway, Republic of Moldova, Switzerland, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey.

More information on the JRC and the recruitment procedure available here:

Potential candidates interested in further information may contact

Best regards,

Juan Nicolás IBÁÑEZ

Joint Research Centre
Economics of Climate Change, Energy and Transport Unit (JRC.C6)
Edificio EXPO - C/Inca Garcilaso, 3, E-41092 Seville, Spain