Last Call for Zephies Nominations!

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Last Call for Zephies Nominations!

Hi All,

Did you read an amazing paper this year that you think we should all know
about and use? Was there somebody in your professional life who went above
and beyond? Is your professional hero lacking the recognition you think
they deserve? Did you see a presentation this year that made you go *wow *(in
a good way)? Is there somebody you'd like to recognize as making this field
more welcoming and fun to be in?

...then you should nominate them for a Zephie Award! And good news...the
deadline for Zephie nominations has been extended. Please see below text or
the website for additional information about individual awards.

The Zephyr Foundation for Improving Travel Analysis seeks nominations for
the following award categories, to be awarded (if merited) in concert with
the Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in January 2020.

*Decision-Making Hero *

This award shall be given to a travel analysis professional or a team who
has made a significant contribution to decision-making.

*Exceptional Technical Achievement *
This award shall be given to an individual or team for superior innovation
and creativity in developing a project, method, study, or product that
contributes to a positive impact on transportation and/or land use

*Impactful Research *
This award shall be given to an individual or team of researchers for a
research project that has had the most [relatively recent] impact on
bettering the travel analysis field for the public good.

*Outstanding Industry Contributor*
This award shall be given to an individual who in embodying the Zephyr
Principles, has selflessly contributed to the good of the travel analysis
industry through the body of their work.

The Zephyr Leadership award shall be given to an individual who embraces
the Zephyr mission of advancing rigorous transportation and land use
decision-making for the public good by advocating for and supporting
improved travel analysis and facilitating its implementation.

Nominations can be made at

Elizabeth Sall
[ on behalf of the individual Zephie award committees ]