Peer Review on Transportation Data

Sunday, January 1, 2017
Traditional and Emerging Data

Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) recently completed a number of regional traffic and travel data collections. These projects capitalized on innovative data collection techniques and visualization methods. The first presentation describes large-scale regional travel surveys completed by MAG. The synchronized travel surveys included 100% GPS-based Prompted Recall Household Travel Survey and Establishment and Commercial Vehicle Survey. The presentation describes the methodologies and results while also providing insight into the challenges and lessons learned throughout the survey process. MAG Regional Bottleneck Study was another recently completed project. The study identified, ranked and analyzed regionally significant traffic bottlenecks. MAG periodically conducts regional bottleneck studies. The recent effort employed innovative Time-Lapse Aerial Photography (TLAP) data collection, new data visualizations and a micro-simulation application. The second presentation covers methodologies and results of the project, including bottleneck identification and measurement, the TLAP data collection, data visualization and application of the collected vehicle traces and origin-destination travel patterns for the purposes of traffic micro-simulation model development.