Please join next week's free BTR Conference on Aug 9th & 10th -in both hemispheres! Program attached

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Please join next week's free BTR Conference on Aug 9th & 10th -in both hemispheres! Program attached

Dear friends: would you mind forwarding the following to the IATBR, WSTLUR, COTA, TMIP, TRB and other groups you interact with?

Thanks so much!

Dear Transportation Enthusiasts:

The 5th annual cost-free carbon-free Bridging Transportation Researchers conference commences next week: on August 9 & 10 – in both Eastern & Western hemispheres!

With over 130 peer-reviewed papers/presentations over 2 days (5 hr/day in each hemisphere), and globally renowned headline speakers (attached), it’s going to be terrific. The full program is attached here and shown online, including special sessions by National Transport Research Organisation on future mobility, Cooperative and Automated Vehicle Initiative (CAVI) & Queensland University of Technology, TRB Special Session on innovations in transit, and International Association for Travel Behaviour Research (IATBR) physiological sensor data in travel behaviour. Four fantastic headline speakers (from Lebanon, Switzerland, US, and Australia) kick off each day and hemisphere, and those exciting abstracts are attached.

We hope to see you, your colleagues, & students online, to learn about the latest in transportation research, from around the globe, with zero cost to participants, and practically zero emissions. (Please register here: for free.)

We also hope you can also help us advertise this BTR#5 event, with the attached details. Please circulate this email. Thank you.

BTR is designed, every year, to bring together all nations and all types of transportation enthusiasts (from engineers & planners to modelers & designers to policymakers, both practitioners and researchers, faculty and students). The conference is fully online and free-of-charge, so this is an excellent opportunity to also invite friends and family who have always wanted to hear about your work.

THANK YOU for forwarding this note, & see you next week!

Kara, Jason, Elli, Gian, Mehrnaz, Jinping, Shams, Yantao, Rounaq, Mehmet, Krishnan, Moataz, & the rest of our BTR team

PS Please check time zones for your city carefully. (For example, Eastern sessions start a half day before western.)