PSAP - Defining Special Block Groups/Census Tracts in GUPS

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PSAP - Defining Special Block Groups/Census Tracts in GUPS

Hi Everyone,

Once you define a block group or census tract, you need to set the attributes in order to define it as a special block group or census tract.  The Attributes of SITE_NAME and TRACTTYP/BGTYP can be set in using the “Change Attributes” button found in the Modify Area Features Toolbar.  The image below is from Standard Respondent Guide p. 55  and p.83 of the PDF file.

For TRACTTYP/BGTYP, the options that are available are the following; the one letter code is what will appear in your resulting shapefile.  These are defined on p.2 of Standard Respondent Guide, p.18 of PDF.

• (Blank) – Regular Block Group
• A - Airport
• B - Business, Industrial Park, Central Business District, etc.
• C - College, University, Boarding School, or other major educational institution
• H - Hospital, Nursing Home, or other major health care facility
• I - Other major institutional special place/group quarters
• J - Jail, Prison, or other major correctional facility
• M - Military Installation
• - Other major non-Institutional special place group quarters
• P - Park (National, State or other major tribal, regional, local, or private)
• T – Tribal

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