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Re: [TMIP] Automated Vehicle Access Time (and design) modelling ??

Yes, and I agree. I simply want to know, given either, if anyone is
investigating how to capture the access time of CAVs in serving major
office buildings or other very peaked concentrations of demand, and if
moving to Mobility as A Service causes bottlenecks in the loadiing and
unloading how this can be overcome (through design or othe means). We
can't simply assume that the office buildings will go away, or there will
no longer be a peak arrival and departure time. If we capture the delay in
the access time and/or pricing then we will have a feedback that will
reduce the demand currently being produced by models that don't account for
the access time.

However, I've always viewed the purpose of models and a modeler's task is
to test different policies and their impact on travel and resultant impact
measures. So we have to capture the supply side and the characteristics
of services that different policies may provide, and then attempt to test
how the public will utilize them in meeting their day to day activity and
travel needs. If the system is not scalable and breaks down under current
behavior then the question becomes how will behavior respond to the
breakdown, and/or what changes in the assumed services/policies need to be
made to avoid the breakdown. We can't simply assume that a brave new world
will suddenly appear and people will all of a sudden act differently or be
implemented by fiat (at least not in the U.S.).

In other words, both a dystopian and utopian view of CAVs should be
analyzed and the demand impacts and probabability of each assessed.


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> Are we talking about a dystopian or utopian view of CAVs? Having said
> that, I hardily agree with Padro that this is an opportunity to set
> policies that will enable the smooth introduction CAVs in the future.

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