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I've been somewhat reluctant to pitch in, because most of my
"recommended reading" has been packed up or returned to my agency

But here are the top ten resources I would submit for essential
references for travel demand modeling / transportation planning
practice. The first five are classic "textbooks" or readers; the latter
five are "essential and free" resources. Some have been previously
mentioned by others. I'm omitting the classic / out-of-print texts that
I used in grad school (e.g., Stopher & Meyburg's classic on travel

The numbers do not imply ranking. And my recommendations may or may not
jibe with other lists.

Essential Readings in Travel Demand Modeling / Transportation Planning

1. Ben-Akiva and Lerman “Discrete Choice Analysis: Theory and
Application to Travel Demand”
2. Goulias (ed.) “Transportation Systems Planning: Methods and
3. Ortuzar and Willumsen “Modelling Transport”
4. Meyer and Miller “Urban Transportation Planning”
5. Hanson and Giuliano (eds.) “The Geography of Urban

Essential and Free Resources

1. Koppelman and Bhat “A Self Instructing Course in Mode Choice
Modeling: Multinomial and Nested Logit Models” (2006)
2. Deakin, Harvey, Skabardonis “Manual of Regional Transportation
Modeling Practice for Air Quality Analysis” (1993)
3. Horowitz “Guidebook on Statewide Travel Forecasting” (1999)
4. Weiner “Urban Transportation Planning in the United States: An
Historical Overview” (1997)
5. TRB Travel Survey Methods Committee (ABJ40) “The On-Line
Travel Survey Manual” (2009)

The last resource, the "online travel survey manual" is in it's last
stages of editing, and I am certain that it will be essential reading
for years to come.

cheers, Chuck

Charles L. Purvis, AICP
Principal Transportation Planner/Analyst
Metropolitan Transportation Commission
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>>> "Thomas, Gary" 9/15/2009 7:30 AM >>>
Good day!

Perhaps I just had bad timing with my requests during the summer for
feedback on putting together a "Recommended Reading" list for new
transportation planners. I only heard from three people. Now I'm sure
many of you have some ideas on good resources. And from the level of
traffic on this Listserv, I also know you like to share information. So
with the list traffic a little quiet right now, I will ask one more
time in hopes of shaking loose your thoughts:

Please tell us what books, texts, or reports you would recommend to a
novice transportation planner. Once we have compiled the list, we will
post it on the TMIP Web site on a permanent page.

To submit your recommendation(s), go to the feedback
page on the Web site
and select "Recommended Reading" from the drop down menu.

Or, if you prefer, you can FORWARD this email back to me with your
recommendations. Remember, REPLYing will send your message to the
entire Listserv.


Gary B. Thomas, P.E., Ph.D.
Director, Center for Professional Development
Texas Transportation Institute
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College Station TX 77843-3135
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