REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS-Pavement and Asset Data Collection (PADC)

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REQUEST FOR PROPOSALS-Pavement and Asset Data Collection (PADC)

The Capital Region Planning Commission (CRPC) invites qualified firms to submit proposals for the Pavement and Asset Data Collection (PADC) for the Baton Rouge Metropolitan Planning Area (BR-MPA). The aim is to collect and analyze pavement and asset related data within the BR- MPA.

 In general, this requires the consultant to provide all necessary engineering, GIS, technology and related services required to collect forward facing perspective images, right facing right-of-way images, pavement images, pavement distress data and pavement management data necessary to digitally quantify the Network Level Condition of the Non-State system roadways in the CRPC MPO Parishes. The consultant will also be required to capture and deliver data, imagery and assets for a defined length of the local jurisdiction public road network not maintained by CRPC, as defined in the advertised RFP.


The Consultant will be required to convert or configure the past data collection cycle to a format that allows their proposed software solutions to access and display this data and imagery in conjunction with the data and imagery the Consultant will capture for this RFP.

 Selection for the consultant to conduct the second round of surveying will be conducted following a rigorous process that includes past cycle operations, data quality, analysis as well as interaction with the previous contractor. CRPC asset management team also conducted intensive research on top contractors in the market who have the capability of implementing pavement and roadway asset surveys with similar or comparable technology within the same time frame.

 Data collection is expected to start by May 3, 2021. Timelines of delivery will be attached in a separate appendix as requested by CRPC.

 Offeror must meet the minimum qualifications and address all criteria in the full RFP which can be found at:  The submission of the MPO Consultant Submittal Form is required. 

 CRPC has allocated a maximum consultant budget for the PADC which is a non-negotiable lump sum fee of $1,049,225; covering max. of 4,398 miles of pavements including five parishes miles outside the MPO boundary with up to 5% (five per cent) contingency for additional miles collected by the consultant at no additional cost. The final budget and Notice to Proceed (NTP) is contingent upon approval from LADOTD and securing funding commitment from member entities.

 Respondents shall submit 6 bound and 1 electronic copy of the full of the proposal response to:

Capital Region Planning Commission

Attn:  Mr. Sooraz Patro, Director of Transportation

14734 S. Harrell’s Ferry Rd, Ste B

Baton Rouge, LA 70816 

 All prospective applicants should submit their proposal no later than 4:00 PM CST on March 25th, 2021.  Please direct any questions to Sooraz Patro, Director of Transportation via email at 

  A list of received questions and responses will be posted on our website at