Request for Proposals: Transportation Accessibility Sketch Modeling Tool

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Tim Reardon
Request for Proposals: Transportation Accessibility Sketch Modeling Tool

Dear Colleagues:
This week MAPC (the regional planning agency for Metro Boston) issued an RFP for a transportation accessibility sketch modeling tool that can be used to evaluate land use and transit/active transportation connections for major development sites. A summary is pasted below and the full RFP is available upon request from MAPC Senior Research Analyst Steve Gehrke:<>.

We strongly encourage interested consultants to form teams with the collective capacity and experience to conduct the requested work. Proposals are due on March 15 and there will be a bidders pre-conference on February 27 (see RFP for details.)

Tim Reardon


The Metropolitan Area Planning Council ("MAPC") is issuing a "Request for Proposals" ("RFP") for a consultant to provide a transportation sketch modeling tool to evaluate changes in destination accessibility and travel patterns associated with various transportation and land use alternatives for a major redevelopment site in the Boston region's inner core. The provided tool should be able to efficiently produce modeling results for multiple scenarios based on changing assumptions about the scale, location, mix, and form of future development; the routes, speed, and frequency of future transit services; and the nature of transportation demand management policies put into place.

The application of the tool will ultimately inform the planning of new transportation investments and land use policies by prioritizing options that should be subject to more detailed analysis and modeling. The sketch modeling tool is intended to complement the region's existing travel demand model operated by the Central Transportation Planning Staff. While the first application will be for the West Station Area Transit Study, MAPC seeks a tool with transparent, state-of-practice methods that can be transferred to other study areas in the region as the need arises.

A notice regarding the "Sketch Transportation Accessibility Modeling Tool" RFP may be downloaded here. Please direct any questions about this RFP to Steve Gehrke at<>. Submissions are due on March 15, 2019 at 5:00pm ET and should be submitted by email to Steve Gehrke at<>

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