Research Manager II (Soc-Beh) Open Position

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Research Manager II (Soc-Beh) Open Position

Forwarding on behalf of the California DMV.

Attached please find an examination bulletin for a job posting at the Research Manager II level at California DMV. We hope that you may be able to circulate this information among persons associated with your TRB Section, Task Force, or Standing Committee (etc.). If there are other persons with whom we should be in contact about this matter, please advise.

The attached job posting contains information regarding job duties and expected candidate qualifications, as well as information regarding how to submit an application. Applications must be submitted by mail using a standard Examination/Employment Application form (STD 678 – found here: Applicants are also expected to submit a statement of qualifications. For information on what the statement of qualifications should contain, please see the attached examination bulletin. Applications sent in hard copy should be mailed directly to our Human Resources department, at the following address:

Department of Motor Vehicles
Attn: Alice Schneider
Position # 023-5738-001
Selection and Certification Unit
P.O. Box 932315, MS A208
Sacramento, CA 94232-3150

Under the general direction of the Research Manager III ((i.e., the Branch Chief), the Research Manager II develops and directs research program activities in the areas of driver competency assessment, driver education and improvement, high-risk driver identification, and driver safety. We use data drawn from California’s statewide driver record and crash database, surveys/interviews, and pilot studies. Since its establishment over 50 years ago at DMV Headquarters in Sacramento, we have earned a reputation as one of the finest traffic safety research centers in the nation. The results and recommendations from our work are utilized by legislators and other decision makers in the creation or revision of existing laws, policies, and programs in traffic safety. We are a diverse multidisciplinary team of experienced researchers with backgrounds in psychology, sociology, and other fields. We publish both departmental reports and peer-reviewed articles. Examples of recent studies can be found here:

Any questions regarding the positions available, or the application process, may be directed to the Branch Chief. Please see my contact info below.

Best regards,


Bayliss J. Camp, Ph.D.
Branch Chief, Research & Development
California Department of Motor Vehicles
2570 24th St., MS H126
Sacramento CA 95818
(916) 657-7032

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