RSG Job Opportunity: Travel Demand Model Developer in Portland, OR

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RSG Job Opportunity: Travel Demand Model Developer in Portland, OR

RSG seeks a talented and versatile travel demand and network model developer to assist with the development and application of state-of-the-art transportation models in our Portland, Oregon office.

Your work involves a wide range of transportation modeling activities, including model design, data analysis and scripting, development and evaluation of forecasts, and documentation of technical work. More specifically, modeling activities include specification and estimation of models, data analysis, scripting, model implementation, software development, and calibrating and validating model components for advanced forecasting models of regions and states throughout the US.

As a member of the Model Development group, you are knowledgeable in theoretical concepts and advanced methods of travel demand and network modeling, statistics and data analysis. You have practical experience in scripting, model estimation, model implementation, and documentation. You have good technical judgment and represent the company as a team player who is a resourceful, clear and creative thinker, dedicated to developing innovative “best in class” models, software and forecasts. You are amiable and have strong interpersonal, analytical and problem solving skills that enable you to create and communicate complex technical materials in clear, concise and meaningful ways that non-technical people will understand. When working with your team and clients, you participate in meetings, provide training, and manage a task on time, within budget, and to the pleasure of your clients.

-Bachelor’s degree or higher in a technical field, such as engineering, computer science, geography, or planning
-2+ years’ experience developing and applying transportation models
-Experience with one or more transportation modeling packages (Cube, EMME, TransCAD, and/or VISUM)
-Strong scripting experience with Python (pandas, numpy), R, VB, GISDK or similar
-Proficiency in scientific computer programming with Java, C++, Python, R, C#/.Net, JavaScript, or similar
-Experience with software development tools such as GitHub, version control, issue tracking, testing, etc.
-Understanding of database and statistical software (e.g. SQL, SAS, R, Python)
-Desire and ability to learn and understand new data science technologies
-Strong verbal and technical writing abilities

Demonstrated ability to work virtually with geographically dispersed teammates is a plus
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