Scalable, Data Driven Analysis Session 2 of 3 (April 9, 2015)


Date: April 9, 2015

Description: April 9, 2015: Session 2 will begin by wrapping up the discussion of batch, iterative and stream computing models introduced in Session 1. We will then cover different models for data storage including NoSQL, graph databases, and distributed file systems. Session 2 will conclude with material on important characteristics and classes of basic algorithms to set the stage for the discussion of more advanced algorithms in Session 3.

Presenters; John Davis and Zev Winkelman (RAND)

John Davis is an Information Scientist at the RAND Corporation where his research focuses on the impact of technology on society and includes cybersecurity, Big Data and digital privacy. Dr. Davis serves as co-director of RAND's Scalable Analytics Methods Center where he helps shape the incorporation of Big Data techniques and practices into RAND's data science activities. Dr. Davis holds four patents and has published extensively in peer-reviewed ACM/IEEE workshops and conferences. He has extensive software development and leadership experience in both industrial research and startup environments.

Zev Winkelman is a core faculty member at the Pardee RAND Graduate School and an associate information scientist at RAND specializing in big data analytics, social media, and cyber security. He has more than 15 years of experience in computer engineering and software development including a master's degree in forensic computing and counter terrorism. Zev has designed and implemented many systems that allow analysts to fuse, analyze and visualize diverse datasets across several domains including: financial data, social media and social networks, unstructured text, and geo-tagged data.