Senior Planner/Planning Analyst, Metropolitan Council (Minneapolis-St. Paul)

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Senior Planner/Planning Analyst, Metropolitan Council (Minneapolis-St. Paul)

The Metropolitan Council is accepting applications for a Senior Planner OR a Planning Analyst (depending on qualifications) who will support transportation planning in the Minneapolis and St. Paul region through production of quality travel demand forecasts, supporting the development and update of travel demand forecasting models and tools, and through analysis of a variety of transportation data sources. 

What you would do in this job:

  • Develop and update regional travel forecast models.
  • Prepare transportation forecasts as needed using regional model, other models, and available data to support comprehensive, regional, and corridor transportation planning.
  • Coordinate subcommittees as needed to ensure a coordinated, comprehensive, and inclusive planning process.
  • Analyze transportation data (including "big data") to support transportation planning and research.
  • Develop scopes of work for various levels of projects and guidance documents and manage assigned projects.
  • May oversee the work of planning staff, technicians, and student interns on project basis.
  • Serve as a transportation forecast and data resource and liaison to planners at the Council and around the region.


Senior Planner or Planning Analyst