Senior Transportation Modeler (NOACA)

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Susanna Merlone
Senior Transportation Modeler (NOACA)

Job Description: The Northeast Ohio Areawide Coordinating Agency (NOACA) in Cleveland is seeking a Senior Transportation Modeler with experience in travel demand modeling. NOACA and its partner agencies in Ohio are in the process of developing an activity based travel demand model, and NOACA continues to upgrade its modeling capabilities including a dynamic traffic assignment process.  This position will be an integral part of NOACA’s development, implementation, and application of the Ohio 3C CT-RAMP Activity Based Model and dynamic traffic assignment process.  
The primary responsibilities of this position include all aspects of travel demand modeling efforts such as preparation of model inputs, data and system management, model estimation, calibration, validation, post-processing of model outputs, project-level forecasts, project management, and technical assistance.  In addition, this position will conduct sub-area and corridor level modeling and participate in maintaining a traditional 4-step travel demand model. 
This position involves advanced application of planning, management, and coordination skills, under little supervision in an office environment.  The position also requires the ability to write and effectively present technical information to diverse groups, ranging from professional conferences to a lay audience.  This position will be located within the Planning Division as part of the Transportation Modeling group.