Sketch Traffic Forecasting Techniques from NCHRP 765

Wednesday, January 1, 2014
Strategic and Sketch Modeling

Presentation 1 is about NCHRP 765, Analytical Travel Forecasting Approaches for Project-Level Planning and Design, which provides an update to NCHRP Report 255: Highway Traffic Data for Urbanized Area Project Planning and Design. It has two chapters that can be considered sketch level planning techniques. Chapter 7 Refining the Spatial Detail of Traffic Models deals with taking travel demand models and refining them for traffic forecasting purposes. Such techniques as subarea focusing, windowing, microsimulation and integration of statewide/regional and local models are examined. Chapter 10 Tools Other Than Travel Models examines techniques used for traffic forecasting other than travel demand models such as time series of traffic volumes, manual gravity model, elasticity methods and Highway Capacity Manual uses for traffic forecasting.