TCRP Report 214, Equity Analysis in Regional Transportation Planning Processes

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TCRP Report 214, Equity Analysis in Regional Transportation Planning Processes

Hello to TMIP subscribers,

TRB published a TCRP report last week that has the title shown on the Subject line, which is available for free download at this location:

Equity Analysis in Regional Transportation Planning Processes, Volume 1: Guide

The Volume 2 "Research Overview" is expected for publication next month, with the plan for a webinar in the September or October (or possibly November), and I will send a future reply to this TMIP post, when I have the information on the specific day/time for the webinar, as well as how to register.

Even if your travel forecasting and planning work does not focus on conducting an "equity analysis," and even if you are not in the USA, you still might find it interesting to take a look at this 130-page report, to see what this scan of current MPO practice in the USA was able to find. Or what they were not able to find, e.g., it appears a number of MPOs are somewhat challenged in regards to clearly quantifying what represents the overall "benefit" or "impact" of a group of transportation investments proposed for inclusion in a Metropolitan Transportation Plan, which would generally be the step that takes place before figuring out how to separate those benefits into different population groups.

The report is completed and will not be changed, but FTA would be happy to hear of any comments you might wish to offer, for that might help both FHWA and FTA in our future activities towards showcasing good-practice examples. You can send your comments as a TMIP post to all if you would like, or contact me directly at:<> If I receive anything that may be of interest to the TMIP readers, I will prepare a summary of the comments received in a future TMIP post, perhaps the same post where I provide the webinar day/time.

Thanks in advance,
Ken Cervenka
FTA Office of Planning