TMIP Webinar: Spotlight on State, Regional and Local Agencies –ARC Session 1: Next-generation Data, Tools and Methods

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New Era of Data, Tools, and Models for Transportation Performance Based Planning at ARC:

Session 1 - Next-generation Data, Tools and Methods

The transportation world is changing rapidly and big data is becoming increasingly accessible due to the rise of new technologies. The Atlanta Regional Commission is constantly reassessing its understanding of the transportation system and transportation projects’ short and long-term performance. This presentation will cover the types of data, tools, and methods employed for various regional planning efforts as well for TIP project evaluation. ARC staff will provide examples of how different data tools and methods can make us more effective, as no one tool and data can answer all our complicated questions.


Kyung-Hwa Kim, Performance Analysis and Monitoring Manager, ARC

David D’Onofrio, principal planner, ARC

Kyung-Hwa Kim - Performance Analysis and Monitoring Manager, ARC

Kyung-Hwa Kim is the Performance Analysis and Monitoring Manager at the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC). Before she joined ARC, she worked at Metro in Portland, Oregon for 20 years as a modeler. She joined the Transportation Access and Mobility Group at ARC in October of 2008.

Kyung-Hwa managerial portfolio includes performance measurement, project prioritization, scenario planning, data management/monitoring/analysis, congestion management planning, air quality and resiliency program management, performance based planning, regional activity based model application and support for regional policy analysis.

She has served on numerous peer modeling review committees and was a member of the Oregon Modeling Steering Committee, Transportation Research Board (TRB) Transportation Survey Methods Committee, and the TRB Task Force on Moving Activity-Based Approaches to Practice Committee. Currently she is serving as a member of the standing committee on Performance Management ABC30.

Kyung-Hwa holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning from Portland State University and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Portland State University. She also studied Korean Ethnomusicology at Seoul National University before she immigrated to the United States from Korea.   

David D’Onofrio, principal planner, ARC

David completed a dual Master’s degree in urban planning and atmospheric science from Georgia Tech in May 2009.  David is a principal planner with the Transportation Access and Mobility Group at the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC).

D’Onofrio’s work focuses on air quality, climate change and transportation performance measurement. His work includes near-road emissions exposure, transportation conformity, climate resiliency and emissions calculations for transportation projects. D’Onofrio also works on regional policy, helping to develop ARC’s Atlanta Region’s Plan Policy Framework and the project evaluation methods used by the agency to allocate transportation funding.