TMIP Webinar - Testing and Results of TMIP-EMAT at ODOT

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Session Description 

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) has been using TMIP-EMAT for a little over a year to explore and understand the recently deployed Activity Based Model (ABM) for the Southern Oregon Region.  The webinar seeks to provide background and context on how other agencies might approach and utilize TMIP-EMAT.

Prior to learning of TMIP-EMAT, ODOT (along with regional partners) was designing an approach to test the ABM under a variety of scenarios.  In late 2018 ODOT learned of TMIP-EMAT and opted to use TMIP-EMAT in their testing.  TMIP-EMAT offers a more structured, organized and deliberate testing environment to more completely explore an uncertainty space and plan for the unknown.  This is done by allowing the user to explore thousands of scenarios and outcomes, with the user only having to run dozens of “core model” runs (in this case the core model is the ABM, but it can be any model the agency is using that can be successfully automated with TMIP-EMAT).

This is the 3rd webinar of the TMIP EMA series, which will share

ODOT’s Project Overview and Timeline

Exploratory Modeling Motivation and Background

ODOT's Testing Scope/Design

Model (TMIP-EMAT) Setup Steps

Results and Lessons Learned

Planned Future Efforts and Next Steps


Alex Bettinardi is a Senior Integrated Analysis Engineer for the Oregon Department of Transportation; working for ODOT for the last 15 years. He holds Bachelor’s and Master's degrees in Transportation Engineering from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and is a registered professional engineer in the State of Oregon.  Alex greatly enjoys his role at ODOT which can be briefly summarized as, “helping to better inform transportation policy and decisions”.