Transportation Modeler and Data Science Manager - Department of Transportation and Infrastructure

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Transportation Modeler and Data Science Manager - Department of Transportation and Infrastructure

About Our Job

 The Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI), through its employees, enhances the quality of life in Denver by efficiently delivering effective, high quality, safe and equitable public infrastructure, and services.

For more information, please visit the DOTI website.

 DOTI’s Commitment to Equity:

  • DOTI is committed to providing attention and resources to the areas, assets, and people of the city with the greatest need through equitable contracting, equitable investments, and equitable workforce development.
  • DOTI’s culture revolves around four key principles: (1) Invest in Our People, (2) Operate with Discipline, (3) Use Data to Drive Decisions, and (4) Deliver Results.

Denver was the 5th fastest growing large City in the US over the past decade. Additionally, the City has some of the largest planned urban developments in the nation in-and-around Downtown Denver, including the River Mile, Ball Arena, Broadway Station, and Stadium District, among many others. This rapid growth and impact on transportation requires dedicated experts who can forecast and understand travel demand, shaping investments to meet Denver’s goals to increase the equity, mobility, safety, sustainability and quality of our transportation system.

The Transportation Planning Division of DOTI is responsible for planning and programming changes to the city’s transportation system in conjunction with other city, local, regional, and state agencies to achieve our vision and goals. This includes providing policy guidance pertaining to Denver’s transportation vision, forecasting travel demand, coordinating studies to identify short- and long-term infrastructure needs, conceptual planning for capital improvements, and seeking additional funding opportunities. The Transportation Planning Team is a high energy, self-motivated, passionate, creative, and dedicated staff. City Planners in DOTI have excellent communication skills and commitment to achieving Denver’s ambitious mobility-related goals.

DOTI Transportation Planning is seeking to hire a Transportation Modeler and Data Science Manager, with experience and expertise in multimodal transportation planning, travel demand modeling, and data science. This individual’s expertise will be used to support the implementation of Denver Moves Everyone (DME), the City’s strategic transportation plan. This individual will be the first travel demand modeler at DOTI and will be responsible for integrating the model and emerging data sources with DOTI planning activities, promoting data-driven practices, and providing leadership to the agency on best practices. Additionally, DOTI will look to this individual to harness emerging big transportation data feeds, standing-up a data analytics program that supports DOTI’s transportation planning and implementation work.

Job duties and responsibilities of this position include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Develop and grow a travel modeling program. The position will be responsible for day-to-day leadership and management related to the development and application of the DOTI Travel Demand Model, which is based on the DRCOG Focus Model, and built through Denver Moves Everyone. The work will require the formulation of applying travel demand models, including developing input data, model application methods, calibration and validation, model reporting, analyzing and visualizing outputs. This will be a brand-new program, allowing the manager to promote best practices, directional guidance, and shape how modeling is leveraged to support DOTI’s work
  • Develop and grow a transportation analytics program. This individual will analyze numerous big data feeds, including Location Based Service (LBS) data, traffic and freight data, Strava Metro bicycle data, Ridereport micromobility data, crash data, and other emerging data feeds, as well as interface with DOTI traffic operations, to create information and reports that supports planning and implementation work across the DOT. DOTI is interested in a candidate passionate about innovation to help our agency become a national leader in data collection and synthesis
  • Communicate model and analysis results to influence departmental policies and projects. The ability to integrate and communicate model results into project or policy analyses in a team environment will also be required. Communication with other DOTI staff will be integral to successful applications of the model and building best practices in analytics for the agency
  • Track progress implementing Denver Moves Everyone. Denver is completing its strategic transportation plan, Denver Moves Everyone, a performance-based plan that includes dozens of objectives and benchmarks that will be tracked to gauge progress on reaching our long-term vision and goals. The individual will work collaboratively with Transportation Planning staff to track progress on achieving our performance framework
  • Work collaboratively with partners to further our transportation goals. The individual will be responsible for coordinating with our city partners, including our land-use division, Community Planning and Development, our sustainability division, the Climate Action, Sustainability, and Resiliency, among others, and regional partners including the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), the Regional Transportation District (RTD), the Colorado Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (CDOT) to coordinate land-use and transportation work to address regional transportation challenges and opportunities
  • Interest to grow and mentor teams. A key tenet of this position will be to demonstrate the value of modeling and data analytics to the DOT. The position is classified, so that as the portfolio of work grows, the individual is provided the opportunity to hire and manage staff, cultivating a transportation analytics team

About You

Our ideal candidate will have:

  • MS/MA in civil engineering, urban planning, or closely related field. 
  • Communication and presentation skills, and the ability to interact effectively with both technical and managerial members across DOTI.  
  • Experience with R, Python, GISDK, and GitHub is highly desired. Experience with C# is valuable.
  • Experience with Geographic Information Systems and Microsoft Office programs.
  • Data science skills, specifically the ability to efficiently synthesize (or manage staff that will synthesize) large databases using programming languages.
  • Ability to write technical memorandums that summarize information for broad audiences.

We realize your time is valuable so please do not apply if you do not have at least the following required minimum qualifications:

  • Education requirement: Bachelor’s Degree in City or Regional Planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Historic Preservation, Engineering, or a related degree.
  • Experience Requirement: Six (6) years of professional planning experience.
  • Education/Experience Equivalency: One (1) year of the appropriate type and level of experience may be substituted for each required year of post-high school education.
  • Additional appropriate education may be substituted for the minimum experience requirements.
  • License/Certifications: Requires a valid Driver's License at the time of application.
  • Licenses and certifications must be kept current as a condition of employment.