Transportation Planning Engineer Job Announcement (Greensboro, NC)

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Transportation Planning Engineer Job Announcement (Greensboro, NC)

Civil Engineer (Transportation Planning Engineer-7847)

Primary Duties/Brief Description of Work:

The Greensboro Urban Area Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) manages the transportation planning process required by the Federal and State government. The MPO serves the City of Greensboro and much of Guilford County. The MPO is looking for an innovative transportation planning engineer to support the Sr. Civil Engineer and the MPO technical work program and project development efforts. Responsibilities include travel demand model enhancements & use; compilation, correction, and analysis of large datasets housed in geodatabases and other relational database applications; collection and analysis of data for MPO performance measurement requirements; analyzing transportation projects & prioritization processes; documentation and presentation of analyzes and findings; and supporting project development functions. Application deadline: April 24, 2017

Please visit for a complete job description and instructions on how to apply.


Lydia M. McIntyre
Transportation Planning Engineer
Greensboro DOT/MPO
City of Greensboro