Transportation Planning Engineer (VDOT)

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Transportation Planning Engineer (VDOT)

Assisting in the development and application statewide and urban travel demand forecasting models in Virginia. Oversight of necessary model development processes and procedures including development of supporting socioeconomic data, network coding, trip generation, distribution, mode choice and assignment components, calibration of models and post processing of results. Specific modeling tasks will include; network development, traffic analysis zone development, development of model parameters, model validation and model application.

Traffic Forecasting and Analysis – Prepare local and regional travel demands for specific milestone years using available data, reports and models. Provide traffic forecasts and recommendations for transportation planning studies including corridor studies, NEPAstudies, IJR/IMR studies, and Smart Scale Process, etc. Collect and analyze data and provide recommendations for transportation deficiencies. Develop alternative solutions and provide recommendations.

Assist in statewide and metropolitan planning efforts including development of deliverables for MPO long range transportation plans and corridor studies.

Additional vacancies may be filled from this recruitment.