Travel Demand Forecasting Specialist - Fehr & Peers

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Fehr and Peers
Travel Demand Forecasting Specialist - Fehr & Peers

At Fehr & Peers, our travel demand forecasting specialists make significant contributions to our success in transforming transportation consulting. These positions offer the opportunity to partner with metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs), municipalities, transit planning agencies (including BART, UTA, WMATA, and Sound Transit), and major technology and civil engineering firms to help shape transportation futures. Forecasters at Fehr & Peers work on projects with large impacts, including the Caltrain Business Plan (visioning for the entire 70-mile Caltrain corridor), where our forecasts included the use of a four-step model paired with a direct ridership model that produced corridor, station-to-station, and station ridership forecasts, as well as a mode of station access forecasts. We’ve also worked with SCAG and OCTA to provide tools and innovative modeling techniques influencing and streamlining forecasting and transportation planning.


Beyond these professional and project aspects, we also offer a collaborative, inclusive, and flexible work environment with excellent benefits and professional development opportunities.


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