Travel Model Validation Update (or Why Your Model is Wrong and What to Do About It), Part 1

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The webinar focuses on reasons and methods for travel model validation and reasonability testing. The webinar is an initial roll-out of the 2010 update of the Travel Model Validation and Reasonableness Checking Manual originally published in 1997. In addition to the validation of traditional trip-based travel models, the updated manual includes discussions of the validation of emerging modeling procedures such as activity-based modeling. In the webinar, we will cover:

Overall reasons and methods for model validation
Planning for a quality validation process
Examples of validation procedures for model components
Sensitivity testing
Validation documentation

The webinar will take place over two days. This first day will focus on general validation practices and the validation of model components likely to be common to all models.

Thomas F. Rossi is a Principal of Cambridge Systematics with 25 years of experience specializing in the areas of travel demand modeling and forecasting, and transportation planning. Mr. Rossi has led model validation efforts as well as the development application of trip-based and activity-based travel demand models throughout the country. He has served as an expert advisor to Federal agencies and MPOs for the development of travel models and survey data collection efforts and has worked with the U.S. DOT to develop and teach training courses in travel demand modeling. Mr. Rossi is the chairman of the Transportation Research Board’s Transportation Demand Forecasting Committee.
David Kurth is a Principal of Cambridge Systematics with over 30 years of experience in travel demand model development and application. Mr. Kurth's experience includes the development of full, four-step models for metropolitan areas, travel model validation, development of specialized models in support of traffic and transit ridership forecasts, and application of travel demand models for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) New Starts process. He currently serves on the Transportation Research Board’s Committee on Transportation Planning Applications and the Special Committee for Travel Forecasting Resources.

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Travel Model Validation Update (or Why Your Model is Wrong and What to Do About It), Part 1

Intended Audience
This webinar is intended for travel modelers and transportation planners interested in validation procedures for travel forecasting models.

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This webinar is the equivalent of two (2) professional development hours (PDHs). TMIP does not issue certificates of attendance. If you attend the webinar, please save the information on this page for your files.

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