Travel Modeling Workshop

Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Travel Model Development

This series of webinars demonstrates the development of model estimation data sets, the structures of the various model components, and the procedures for estimating models.

  • Session 1 introduces the entire series covering definitions of various model types used in transportation planning, including multinomial and nested logit models.
  • Session 2 focuses on how data sets are developed for model estimation.
  • Session 3 is about the estimation process for various types of models.
  • Session 4 discusses the estimation process for Logit models, which are used not only for mode choice but often for other model components.
  • Session 5 focuses on validation and calibration procedures for the models we have examined in earlier sessions of the webinar, including cross-classification, linear regression, gravity, and logit models.
  • Session 6 explores the process of estimating and implementing Logit models, which were introduced in Session 4.
  • Session 7 examines the estimation and implementation of highway and transit assignment processed.
  • Session 8 continues the discussion of validation of aggregate and disaggregate models of trip generation, trip distribution, and mode choice that took place in session 5.
  • Session 9 reviews the entire webinar series on Travel Modeling.