Travel Modeling Workshop Session 9: Real Life Experiences in Model Development, Webinar Wrap-Up

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This series of webinars will introduce the development of model estimation data sets, the structures of the various model components, and the procedures for estimating models. The workshop will include lectures, discussion, and “homework,” that participants will be expected to complete between sessions.

This session will review the entire webinar series on Travel Modeling. There will also be a special presentation on model development from Mr. Kermit Wies of CMAP.

Thomas Rossi, Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
Thomas Rossi is a Principal of Cambridge Systematics with 25 years of experience in transportation planning and travel demand forecasting. He has developed and applied trip based and activity based models throughout the U.S. For the past 15 years, Tom has been a consultant to USDOT for model improvement research and development/teaching of training courses. He is the Chairman of TRB Committee on Transportation Demand Forecasting. Tom holds Bachelor’s degrees in Civil Engineering and mathematics and a Master’s degree in Transportation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Yasasvi Popuri, Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
Yasasvi D. Popuri is a Senior Associate of Cambridge Systematics with experience in the fields of travel demand forecasting, discrete choice modeling, market research analysis, geographical information systems (GIS), and transportation planning. He has managed projects involving transit ridership forecasting, travel model estimation, and freight modeling. Mr. Popuri received a Master’s degree in Transportation Systems Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, and a Bachelor’s degree of Technology from the Indian Institute of Technology at Madras.
Kermit Wies, Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP)
Kermit Wies is the Deputy Executive Director for Research and Analysis at the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning. Kermit has over 24 years experience in urban systems modeling and planning and is the principal author of the 2030 Regional Transportation Plan for the Chicago metropolitan area. Kermit recently served as project manager for the Chicago regional household travel and activity inventory which involves detailed interviewing and tracking travel of over 10,000 households. He is now leading CMAP’s evolution from traditional travel demand modeling to an advanced practice framework including land use integration, activity-based travel demand estimation and microsimulation. Kermit has overall responsibility for CMAP's research, analysis and evaluation work program in support of developing the Chicago region's 2040 comprehensive land use and transportation plan.

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Travel Modeling Workshop Session 9: Real Life Experiences in Model Development, Webinar Wrap-Up

Intended Audience
Transportation modelers who have a low to moderate level of familiarity with the estimation and validation of travel models.

Continuing Education
This webinar is the equivalent of two (2) professional development hours (PDHs). TMIP does not issue certificates of attendance. If you attend the webinar, please save the information on this page for your files.

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Recorded Webinar

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