Using New Technologies for Travel Speed and O/D Data

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The penetration of cellphones with GPS, BlueTooth technologies, and navigation systems with 3G means there are new sources of travel speed and travel patterns that do not rely on traditional survey methods such as driving probe vehicles, or recruiting individual respondents. Instead, systems to collect data from large populations have been developed. This webinar will demonstrate these technologies and discuss how data can be captured and shared. While travel speed data is often discussed with these technologies, the ability to produce origin/destination matrices by time of day is also possible. These kinds of data can be used for model validation and calibration.

Darcy Bullock is a Professor in the School of Civil Engineering at Purdue University and has over twenty years of experience in the field of Transportation System Operations. Bullock has completed several projects with the Federal Highway Administration, National Cooperative Highway Research Program, National Science Foundation, Department of Homeland Security, as well several state and local transportation agencies. His most recent work has been in the development of operations based performance measures for signalized arterials that not only identify operational challenges, but also give guidance to operations engineers on how to prioritize their efforts so that intersections with the most opportunity for improvement are identified first.
Stan Young is on the Research Faculty at the University of Maryland Center for Advanced Transportation Technology, and serves as technical director for Traffax Inc., a university startup that provides commercial Bluetooth equipment. Dr. Young will overview Bluetooth traffic monitoring technology, including the concept of operations, basic data processing, privacy concerns, and use of Bluetooth Traffic Monitoring data for travel time and O&D applications.
Nick Cohn is Business Development Manager at TomTom, with a focus on new products for the government transportation planning sector. He will provide a short overview of TomTom’s navigation products and how TomTom collects travel speed and O/D data from consumer customers. Privacy considerations will be addressed.

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Using New Technologies for Travel Speed and O/D Data

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