Using TMIP-EMAT for Exploratory Analysis

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Webinar Description

The FHWA TMIP Exploratory Modeling and Analysis Tool (TMIP-EMAT) is a utility that can be integrated with existing travel demand models to facilitate the application of those models in an exploratory, rather than predictive, manner. It builds upon the evolving sensitivity and risk analysis approaches utilizing travel demand models to forecast uncertainty, can be used to understand the effect of future mobility impacts on travel patterns, and incorporates exploratory-type visualizers to present and analyze the results. TMIP-EMAT is also compatible with EMA Workbench, an open-source tool with automated scenario discovery and robust search capabilities. This webinar will demonstrate the interactive visualization tools available through TMIP-EMAT as well as the application and interpretation of the EMA Workbench functionality. The demonstration will utilize the “Road Test” example model that is available as part of the TMIP-EMAT package. Participants are invited to install TMIP-EMAT in advance of the webinar following the instructions: And to execute the “Road Test” example:

This is the second webinar of the TMIP EMA series, which will build upon the concepts presented in the December 18, 2018 Introducing the Exploratory Modeling and Analysis Tool (TMIP-EMAT). Participants are encouraged to review the materials from this previous webinar in advance.