VisionEval Discussion Forum is Now Open [Updated/Now Works]

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VisionEval Discussion Forum is Now Open [Updated/Now Works]

Greetings TMIP users!

[The instructions for joining the VisionEval group have been updated below and should now work for everyone.
Plus they're easier!]

I’m pleased to announce that we have opened a new discussion group through TMIP for users
and developers of the VisionEval strategic modeling platform and related tools. If you’re
working with VisionEval (or thinking about it), you should join this group to get information
on new releases, report or discuss issues, explore “tips and tricks”, get advice from other
users, and brainstorm new ideas and applications.

It’s easy to sign up: just log into TMIP and edit your account to select the VisionEval
group for access to the VisionEval forum. Step-by-step instructions for signing up for the
VisionEval group are included at the bottom of this message.

Background on VisionEval

VisionEval includes the latest version of the SHRP 2 C16 product RPAT (Rapid Policy
Analysis Tool), the Regional Strategic Planning Model (RSPM), and VE-State (which includes
all the functionality of the original GreenSTEP model for statewide emissions analysis).
VisionEval is currently being developed and maintained through a pooled fund effort led by
FHWA with support from seven states and three MPOs. Information on the pooled fund is
available at

More information on VisionEval is available at , including
documentation and information on downloading the free software. VisionEval is open source
software. Users can obtain either a runtime version, the full source code, or both
through links on the website.

How to sign up for the new VisionEval Forum Group

To join the VisionEval group you first need to be a member of the TMIP online forum. You
can join or update your group memberships at by following these

  1. Click the Log In/Register link in the upper right
  2. Choose “Register” if you are a new user, or just “Log In” with your existing TMIP account
    (and use this opportunity to set or reset your password if you don’t remember what it is)

If you are registering as a new user:

  1. Fill in the username you would like to appear on your posts or replies
  2. Your email address (so we can confirm that it’s really you)
  3. A password and then your preference for group membership (TMIP and/or VisionEval)
  4. By default new users are added to “TMIP” and “VisionEval” groups. You can check or uncheck
    either one.

If you are already a TMIP user and you would like to participate in “VisionEval”
discussions, you can update your group preferences by using the "Groups"

link at the top right once you are logged in.

You will be presented with a list of Groups and you can select the link 

to the right of the Group to subscribe or unsubscribe. The link changes,
so you can easily tell if you are subscribed or not.

Once subscribed, you will receive copies of any posts to forum categories associated with
the groups you are subscribed to. Full instructions on using the TMIP or VisionEval
forums are available here:

If you later decide that you don’t want to get messages from the VisionEval forum, you can
just login, go to the Groups, and select the link to unsubscribe from the VisionEval group.

Get in touch with me if you have any difficulties signing up for the new VisionEval forum.

Happy modeling!

Jeremy Raw,
FHWA Office of Planning, Systems Planning and Analysis Team