The objective of the TMIP Transportation Modeling and Analysis Toolbox (the Toolbox) is to provide access to a range of tools developed by TMIP to support data driven, performance-based transportation planning incorporating principles of risk management. The goal of the Toolbox is not to create a single - or even a set of - ideal tools, but rather to provide processes, information, and examples to encourage agencies to select the appropriate tools and methods based on their analytical needs.

Category Tool Name Date
Dynamic Traffic Assignment (DTA) A Practical Guide on DTA Model Applications for Regional Planning 2016
Traditional and Emerging Data Opportunities and Challenges Using Passively Collected Data in Travel Demand Modeling 2015
Travel Model Development Large-Scale Strategic Transport Models in Australia and Europe 2015
Travel Model Development TMIP How-To: Create Travelshed Traffic Analysis Zones 2015
Traditional and Emerging Data Using ACS Multi-Year Estimates for Neighborhood Analyses 2014
Traditional and Emerging Data A Glimpse of How Data, Tools and Technology Are Used in Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Planning Process 2014
Traditional and Emerging Data Defining a Data Governance Program 2014
Traditional and Emerging Data Leveraging Archived Operations Data for Performance-Based Planning and Programming at the MPO Level 2014
Traditional and Emerging Data Making the Most of Your Next Household Travel Survey 2014
Strategic and Sketch Modeling Sketch Traffic Forecasting Techniques from NCHRP 765 2014
Travel Model Development Guide for Travel Model Transfer 2014
Traditional and Emerging Data What does (data) integrity and utility mean to you? Painstaking attention to detail comes to mind 2014
Strategic and Sketch Modeling A Road Pricing Feasibility Screening Tool – Beta Version 2014
Model Validation, Verification and Checking Estimating Risks and Model Credibility 2013
Travel Model Development Improving Existing Travel Models and Forecasting Processes: A White Paper 2013
Traditional and Emerging Data Statistical Peril in the Transportation Planning Polygon 2013
Model Validation, Verification and Checking Managing Uncertainty and Risk in Travel Forecasting: A White Paper 2013
Activity Based Modeling TMIP Activity Based Model Tutorial 2012
Traditional and Emerging Data Webinar on Smartphones and Travel Behavior 2012
Travel Model Development Using R for Travel Modeling 2011