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Author Title Date
Rick Donnelly, PB; Tom Adler, RSG Estimating Risks and Model Credibility (December 12, 2013) 12/12/2013
Kevin M. Hathaway, RSG Statistical Peril in the Transportation Planning Polygon (October 24, 2013) 10/24/2013
David Ory (MTC) Travel Modeling at MTC 01/03/2013
Arash Mirzaei (NCTCOG); Kathy Yu (NCTCOG); Behruz Paschai (NCTCOG) NCTCOG Path Towards 01/02/2013
Rebekah Anderson (ODOT); Zhuojun Jiang (MORPC) ODOT Experience Using its Activity-Based Model 01/01/2013
Kermit Wies (CMAP); Monique Urban (Cambridge Systematics); Maren Outwater (RSG) Tour-Based & Supply Chain Freight Modeling in Chicago 12/31/2012