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Alan Horowitz, Tom Creasey (Stantec), Rob Bostrom (CDM Smith); Howard Slavin (Caliper), Adres Rabinowicz (Caliper), Giovanni Flammia (Caliper); Kara Kockelman (Univ. of Texas Austin), Dan Fagnant (Univ. of Texas Austin) Sketch Traffic Forecasting Techniques from NCHRP 765 (July 24, 2014 ) 07/24/2014
Bill Woodford Improving Existing Travel Models and Forecasting Processes 05/15/2014
Dr. Timothy Bray Using ACS Multi-Year Estimates for Neighborhood Analyses (2014) 05/15/2014
Kyung-Hwa Kim, David D’Onofrio and Melissa Roberts the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) A Glimpse of How Data, Tools and Technology Are Used in Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC) Planning Process (November 20, 2014) 11/20/2014
Monique de los Rios-Urban and Wang Zhang (Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG - Designated MPO of Phoenix region) Leveraging Archived Operations Data for Performance-Based Planning and Programming at the MPO Level (June 5, 2014) 06/05/2014
Stacey Bricka, TTI Sangeeta Bhowmick, NYMTC KyeongSu Kim, Louis Berger (onside contractor at NYMTC) Chris Pulchasky, DVRPC Shimon Israel, MTC Christi McDaniel-Wilson, Oregon DOT What does (data) integrity and utility mean to you? Painstaking attention to detail comes to mind. (August 21, 2014) 08/21/2014
Stacey Bricka, TTI Sarah Cheseboro, Caltrans Cheryl Stecher, Franklin Hill Group Charles DiSorga, Abt SRBI Guy Rousseau, ARC Elaine Murakami, FHWA Making the Most of Your Next Household Travel Survey (April 03, 2014) 04/03/2014
Vince Bernardin, PhD (RSG) How to Develop Travelshed TAZs like Tennessee Presented (December 18, 2014) 12/18/2014
Zeke Bishop (Oracle) Defining a Data Governance Program (October 2, 2014) 10/02/2014